DARK ECLIPSE Sunset Messaging

- PlayStation will cease all purchasable content from the PlayStation Store for DARK ECLIPSE for PS VR from 26th July 2019, 23.59 BST. You will still be able to play and enjoy DARK ECLIPSE, and spend any Dark Coins (DC) which you have purchased, but after this date you will be unable to purchase any more.

From 26th July 2019, 23.59 BST online functionality will be affected in the following ways:
- You will not be able to purchase any Dark Coins or Leader Sets from the PlayStation Store


Q: I just downloaded DARK ECLIPSE, how will this affect my gameplay?

A: You can continue to enjoy DARK ECLIPSE full functionality including online modes. You will no longer be able to purchase any DARK ECLIPSE DLC content from the PlayStation store after 26th July 2019, 23.59 BST, such as Dark Coins.

Q: I still have Dark Coins, will I still be able to spend them in game?

A: Yes, you will still be able to spend your already purchased Dark Coins in the game.

Q: How will this affect my current in game purchases?

A: You will not be able to buy any new Dark Coins from 26th July 2019, 23.59 BST. However, you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your currently owned Dark Coins.

Q: I love DARK ECLIPSE, it’s one of my most played PS VR games, are you shutting it down?

A: In order to continue giving fans the best possible play experience, we are continually reviewing our projects and made the decision to cease any purchases for DARK ECLIPSE content from the PlayStation Store.

Q: Will DARK ECLIPSE be receiving any more software patches?

A: Patch 3.00 will be the final content update for DARK ECLIPSE. SUNSOFT will continue to support the game with any critical functionality patches if necessary.


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